What makes content Unique and User driven?

Our job is not to create content. Our job is to change the world of the people who consume it.”

– Andrea Fryrear

There is no secret as to why content is essential. Content is the message or the information that we share with the users or the wider audience. At a time when we have revolutionized the term “Marketing”. It has transformed from the traditional methods of newspapers, notices, TV, and radio to a more user specific entity. Most companies these days engage in developing new and original content for their marketing needs, however, any content thrives basically on the sole purpose of standing out in a crowd. It needs to convey the message, engage the user, and highlight the brands.
convey a message. Gradually that grew into writing poems and creative expression of my imagination (Influence of movies and reading books).

The reason why content is engaging a lot more people these days depends solely on the intent of the campaign. A good content consists of the following attributes such as.

  • Clear
  • Precise
  • Interesting
  • Attractive
  • Doesn’t discriminate
  • User oriented
  • Decisive

Although a lot of companies invest heavily in generating good content, very few actually succeed in the process. Good content cannot remain static and requires constant updating and makeovers otherwise the audience gets easily bored and may not show much interest in viewing it. In modern times when businesses have taken a major turn to the digital mode, there is an explicit need to make the content more engaging and interesting. Any user who views the the content be it on You tube, Instagram , Facebook etc may just have a short attention span. In such cases the first 10 seconds of the content is what should depict the pull factor, to keep them engaged. It can be done by simply naming the content in an interesting way. This would then target the content to the right users.

Always do remember content is not simply confined to allowing users to gain knowledge or information of a product /service. It goes a long way to understand how consumers respond and what their preferences might be. It becomes a reflection of the brand and ultimately an image that the company would want the user to remember.

” Content can be intimidating but essentially it needs to draw the right attention to create a lasting impact”

– Archie