My very first blog!

Perhaps like most first-timers,I had a fear of what I would write. There is so much to say and sometimes the whole experience can be all the more intimidating. The questions such as where to start? How do I make it a habit? , just looms in the backdrop. If you asked me why I took up writing, I would say that with the pandemic of 2019 in the picture, I somehow found out that I wanted to write. This is mainly because, given all the different methods of communication, I found writing the most therapeutic. So here I am after much deliberation, finding my words to fill up this page.

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When words finds more meaning…

As a child, I have been fascinated by books. I never meant the subject books but the storybooks and comics. It all lies with the writer’s ability to connect to the audience and narrate a tale. Books certainly felt like an escape route to another world when the reality got boring. Being a young girl, I never really liked the color pink but the fancy books and their myriad of colors with unique fairy tales did get my attention. There was something about it, the bright shiny pages with the dreamy images instantly caught my eye. It did feel like a dream to flip the pages and read them.

I have always let my imagination run wild with the stories i read. And why not? It almost feels like you can be in one place and the mind can wander the whole wide world and meet different characters. That would certainly be a Freedom to wander. Talking about wander, I remember the poem “Daffodils” by William Wordsworth. Some of my favourite lines would be

“ I wandered lonely, as a cloud

That floats high on high o’er vales and hills”

The very first line itself makes you picture yourself as a cloud. I guess you could never complain to float around and change according to seasons. So as the teacher read the lines, my mind had already fuelled my imagination and took me to the greenest pasture there was. I was walking up a small mound and there it was, a sea of beaming daffodils. From then on i memorised and recited the poem with my eyes closed, just to experience the view. I do believe that imagination is certainly an art but used moderately so that you can focus on the good and ignore the hyper-imaginative mind for the worst-case scenarios. So let the imagination juices flow through you and not against you. Cheers!

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