About Me

I am Archana. I was born and brought up in a picturesque hill station in the South of India. I guess the surroundings itself has a huge impact and inspired me in many different ways. I believe I am a creative person by nature, be it from writing, and reading many adventures packed books did play on my imagination in many dynamic ways.

According to me ” Creativity is the spin we add to the most mundane and boring things”

If you would like to know more about me then you would have to see the place I belong to. A place that has inspired me by its beauty, tranquility, and abundance. A place I can truly call home. My home is where my heart lives and will always live. Check the video given below and you would certainly know what I am talking about. I started writing the way of my need to express my opinions, share my feelings, and my love for words. Growing up, I was always writing long letters to my family members to convey a message. Gradually that grew into writing poems and creative expression of my imagination (Influence of movies and reading books).

That’s me!